How to write a good job ad

Gather tips for a successful job posting

Not quite sure how to write a good job ad on Gigajob? Here we would like to share some helpful tips on how to make your Gigajob employee search successful. A few simple steps are to be followed and you are set to create that perfect job ad, which will help you to catch the attention of prospective employees.

When you're using a job board you need to create a specific kind of job ad. The main objective is to help employees find your ad more easily. Once an employee has found your ad and contacted you, you can ask for a CV and other references. Read on and give that professional touch to your job ad:

spacer The title
Most important: take your time for the title. The keywords you use in the title will be matched by the keywords employees use for their job search. Make sure you use all important keywords in your title. Instead of "Teaching job" write "Teacher, Secondary School, English, Chemistry". The title makes all the difference!
spacer The description
  • Elaborate a little on the position. List the daily duties which have to be performed. Also write about your company and/ or the team your new employee will be working in. This helps the employee to gain a first impression of their potential new workplace.
  • Next, list the required qualifications. Degrees, and other hard skills (like MS Office or special programs), certificates of required workshops, etc. Also list the soft skills you are looking for (team oriented, social skills, leadership potential). These specifications are giving the employee a better idea of the position. Don't leave anything out.
  • Last, but not least, don't forget to write about the type of contract. Mention, if you are offering a full-time or part-time position, on an hourly basis or only weekends/evenings. Also mention if there are social benefits coming with the job. These things are important for employees.
spacer The logo
A company logo is the icing on the cake. Job ads with company logos appear more attractive to potential employees and have better chances of being contacted.

Follow those steps when creating your Gigajob job ad and you will find your new employee even faster! Good luck!

Your Gigajob Team